General and Family Dentistry in Boynton Beach

“Thank you for filling my teeth. It didn’t even hurt.”
—Your friend, Michael C. (age 6)
(from a letter a nice boy took time to write)

general-dentistryWhile our practice has cultivated a fine reputation for cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, we are very much a General Practice in Boynton Beach that counts many families among our patients. Dr. Barr is a General Dentist, and he will give the same meticulous attention to your family’s routine dental care as he does cosmetic treatment. Patients of all ages see us for everything from regular check-ups and routine family dental care to complex restorative care.

If you’ve had difficulty with a tooth getting numb, we have great news! Click on “Precision -Targeted Dental Anesthesia.

There are three things that lead to tooth loss: cavities, gum disease, and bite problems.

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