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Are Missing Teeth Leaving Your Smile Empty?

In our culture, a nice smile is part of the “dress code.” The “photoshopped” photo is an effective, if not amusing, demonstration of the importance of even a single tooth in your smile. Missing teeth can have a significant negative impact on how people perceive you. Missing teeth carry the stigma of being presumed less intelligent or that you don’t care for yourself. This can curb your career path and certainly your social life.

Missing teeth are quite common. In the U.S., there is an average of 7 missing teeth per adult. And the percentage of adults with no teeth at all is 10%.

When teeth are missing, the remaining teeth take a heavier load and will be more prone to problems themselves. We normally have 28 teeth (not counting wisdom teeth), and they are designed to work together as a system. Once a tooth is lost and not replaced, it typically begins a vicious cycle of tooth loss. Missing teeth can cause the surrounding teeth to collapse or tilt. This can then lead to bite problems and even gum problems. Missing teeth may also lead to changes in your facial structure and appearance, such as sunken cheeks and flat or drooping lips.

There are three ways to replace teeth:

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  1. Dental Implants.
  2. Fixed Bridges.
  3. Removable Partial Dentures or Complete Dentures in the case of having no teeth at all.
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