Boynton Beach Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you have a chipped tooth, worn down teeth, or discolored teeth?

Dr. Barr believes, “Cosmetic Dentistry is the art and science of restoring a single tooth or an entire smile using techniques that restore function and create a natural and beautiful appearance.”

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Smile Makeovers
Porcelain Veneers
Cosmetic Crowns
Teeth Whitening
White Fillings

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“I love my new smile! You’re an awesome dentist! Nothing feels better than being able to smile with confidence. Thank you for making this possible!” —Maryann Deane – Registered Dental Hygienist (from another office)

qdp-2There has never been a more exciting time in dentistry! New materials and techniques enable us to restore your smile artistically. Our Boynton Beach Cosmetic Dental office is centrally located in Palm Beach County, right off I-95.

A cosmetic dentist like Dr. Michael Barr, with the appropriate training and experience, can create amazing improvements to your smile.

The saying goes, “The eyes are the window to the soul. A smile is the window to the heart.”

It’s often unfair but nevertheless true – we are judged by others on our appearance. How we look to others can make a huge difference. For example, a confident smile may be the difference between getting the job or promotion – or not. Someone who never smiles because they are embarrassed about their teeth can come across as aloof or distant or even un-caring. But when you have a smile that you love, you will smile more often. And so will others!

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All dentistry and photography on this website were done by Dr. Michael Barr, founder of Palm Beach Smiles.

All of the porcelain restorations are made in U.S. Dental Labs. Click here to read Dr. Barr’s blog entry about the issue of dental crowns made in China and lead contamination concerns.

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