White Fillings in Boynton Beach

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No More Black Fillings!

Are you embarrassed by those ugly black fillings in your mouth? Do they show when you laugh? You can now have your teeth looking back the way nature intended.

Not so many years ago, there were two types of fillings… silver or gold.

Silver-mercury amalgam has been the mainstay of dentistry for over 150 years. While it has served us well, the days of amalgam are numbered. Besides the fact that they become unsightly by turning black, amalgams have other drawbacks. Silver-mercury amalgam requires removal of tooth beyond the decay in order to allow it to lock mechanically into the tooth. The need for additional removal of tooth structure to retain silver-mercury amalgam may weaken teeth and leave them more prone to fracture.

If you are concerned about replacing your silver fillings, please read our web page: Should I Remove My Silver Mercury Fillings?

Gold Inlays are still highly regarded as long-lasting restorations, and in some cases the ideal choice. However they may require tooth removal beyond the decay. Additionally, in today’s image-oriented society, many consider gold cosmetically unacceptable.

New materials and techniques have enabled our dentist to provide what you have wanted all along: White fillings.


White Fillings
Tooth colored (white, metal-free) restorations include:

  • Direct Composites.
    Composites have been the cutting-edge material in dentistry for the past several years. Composite is a high-tech plastic. A “Direct” Composite filling is a tooth-colored filling that is done in a single office visit. It is most appropriate for small restorations.
  • Porcelain Inlays/Onlays.
    Porcelain Inlays and Onlays are made in a lab similar to crowns. They are appropriate for larger restorations that aren’t quite big enough to be crowned.

Both composite and porcelain restorations offer you advantages over previous procedures. These materials are actually bonded to your tooth structure. This bonding eliminates the need for extensive tooth removal and allows us to conserve as much natural tooth structure as possible. This bond also strengthens your tooth. And, of course, they disappear and look like natural teeth!

To see photographs of an actual case done by Dr. Barr, click on White Filling Photos.

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