Porcelain Crown Photos in Boynton Beach

Case #1 – Dark Front Teeth with Black Line Syndrome

Tom was concerned about the appearance of his two front teeth. The one on the left had turned very dark. The one on the right had been crowned only two years ago, but he didn’t like the way it looked. It was opaque and had “black line syndrome” at the gumline. As with many cases, the solution was a combination of treatments. First, we whitened (bleached) all of Tom’s teeth. The dark tooth required root canal therapy due to a “dead nerve” (the reason it turned dark). The final step was to place two all-ceramic crowns on the front teeth. The result completely changed his whole appearance.


Case #2 – Large Stained Fillings Restored with Porcelain Crowns

The following case illustrates four crowns. Cynthia had several large fillings in her upper front teeth. The central incisor (the middle tooth on the left) had a large bonded composite that had been redone several times over the years. Notice the dull surface. She desired a more permanent cosmetic solution. Prior to the crowns, home bleaching was done. The final result is very pleasing and natural.





Case #3 – Crown That Didn’t Match Other Teeth Replaced with All-Ceramic Crown

Annette had been living with a mismatched crown on her front tooth for many years. The color is obviously too light. Furthermore, the porcelain is very opaque, giving what dentists call the “chiclet” appearance. The tooth also had drifted and appeared longer than the other teeth. Smile solutions discussed included a complete makeover. However, Annette preferred to address the one tooth. The result from such a simple approach is astounding.





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