Dental Bonding Photos in Boynton Beach

The following examples include some close-up before and after photos of bonding done at Palm Beach Smiles in Boynton Beach. The close-ups help to demonstrate how skillfully applied bonding can nearly replicate natural tooth structure.

If they look real this close-up, you can be confident they’ll look great in your social encounters.

Bonding After Braces

A concerned mother walked into our office one day to ask about bringing her 13-year-old daughter. Her daughter was born without her lateral incisors (the two front side teeth). She had braces, which moved her canines (pointy “eye teeth”) into the position of her missing front side teeth. But, pointy teeth don’t look “right” there. So her orthodontist sent her to a general dentist to do some bonding to make them look more like they should. Mom and daughter were not happy with the result. So, mom did some research with the help of the internet and found us.

Before – This patient felt her side teeth were too short and dark.


Close-up After!



Closing Teeth Gaps / Spaces with Bonding

This patient didn’t like the gaps between her teeth. She consulted with another dentist, who suggested that braces was the best option, even though she had braces before. Dr. Barr and she agreed that conservative bonding was an excellent option. No drilling was done at all. So, the process could be reversed in the future, if desired. She loves her new look and said she will no longer have to hide her smile.

Dental Bonding Gallery

Repairing Chipped Tooth with Composite Bonding

A young woman fell down and fractured her front tooth. We were able to repair her tooth the same day with a bonded restoration. With the final result, it looks like nothing ever happened to her tooth. She can smile again!





Replacing Old Bonding with New Bonding

Kathy had a space closed between her two front teeth with bonding several years ago and then again more recently. She didn’t like the result and came to Palm Beach Smiles to see what we could do. Notice the dull and flat appearance of the bonding in the before photo. We removed the existing bonding and redid it with excellent results. Notice the shine, texture, and color shading that now matches the neighboring teeth.





Closing Spaces with Bonding

This patient was concerned about the spaces between his front teeth. He also wanted the chipped teeth repaired. Treatment options were discussed, including orthodontics. However, this patient did not want braces. Another option was Porcelain Veneers. The alternative solution was Direct Bonding. While Porcelain Veneers will last longer, Bonding fit this patient’s current budget. This was accomplished in one appointment. The final result is simply amazing.

Close Up Before


Close Up After


Smile Before




Chipped Tooth Repair with Bonding

This patient had been living with this chipped tooth for several years. Prior to repairing the tooth, we whitened his upper teeth. Upon completion of the whitening process, a bonded composite restoration recreated the lost tooth structure. The result is very pleasing and has a natural appearance.



Close Up After


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