Dental Services

Below is a list of the dental care services offered by our dental office.

  • Major Dental Work
    • Your teeth are worn down to "nubs."
    • You have multiple broken and chipped teeth.
    • Your teeth are discolored.
    • You have multiple cavities or holes in your teeth.
    • Multiple teeth are missing.
    • You have loose teeth.
    • Many of your teeth are painful.
    • You noticed bleeding and swollen gums.
  • Mercury Removal

    Should I get my silver-mercury fillings replaced?

    A message from Boynton Beach dentist Dr. Michael Barr

  • Technology
    • Lasers: Diagnodent & Picasso™ Lite Soft Tissue Laser
    • Magniciation with surgical telescopes/headlight
    • Precision-Targeted Anesthesia
    • Dental Cameras
    • Root Canal Treatment Gizmos: rotary instruments, electronic apex locator
    • Other Gizmos: Isolite™
  • Dental Emergencies
    • Same-day emergency dental care.
    • Vist our dental emergencies to see additional information on dental emergencies.